TI Tyre Inflators

The robust yet economical handheld analogue tyre inflator for fast tyre inflation/deflation.

Fast and simple to use, this mechanical unit offers longer life, lower operating costs and excellent shock resistance – all within a modern functional design featuring a clear analogue display.

Its excellent performance means extended tyre life, increased fuel economy and improved safety for tyre users.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs - fast inflation and deflation rates
  • High versatility - flexible usage
  • Reduced cost of ownership - long product life
  • Built in swivel and hanging device
  • Proven Bourdon Tube with beryllium copper construction for robustness and high shock resistance
  • Modern, lightweight and shock resistant construction
  • Dial with PSI/BAR units
  • Least count: 2 psi
  • For the Tyre User/Fleet Manager
  • Reduced tyre wear extending tyre life
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Increased safety and reduced tyre-related incidents


  • Hose Length0.5 m
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure218 psi / 15 bar / 1500 kPa
  • Inflation Flow910(1) l/min
  • (1) - @ 13 bar supply

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionTyre Valve Connection
TI0014C21" General ModelEuro clip-on
TI0014THO21" General ModelTwin hold-on