Two Stage Air Compressors

A range of two stage air compressors, that consist of two or more cylinders.

The two stage compressor consists of two or more cylinders. The atmospheric air enters into the low pressure (LP) cylinder through an inlet filter & valve which passes to the high pressure (HP) cylinder through the inter-cooler for a final pressure.

The highly efficient inter-cooler provides maximum heat dissipation between stages resulting in more air per horse power and less trouble from carbonation.

Two Stage Air Compressors are useful in textile, plastic industries, paper industries, spray painting, blowing, cleaning, chemical plants, pneumatics, ceramics, automobiles, foundries, pharmaceuticals, service stations, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Consists of two cylinders
  • Available in various models.


  • No. Of Cylinders2
  • Pressure PSIG200

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionMotor HPPiston Displacement CFMReceiver Litre
GC-284Two Stage Air Compressor2.0 / 3.06.7 / 9.8160 / 200
GC-292Two Stage Air Compressor5.0 / 7.514.0 / 19.0200 / 400
GC-303Two Stage Air Compressor7.5 / 10.023.8 / 31.8240 / 300
GC-2650Two Stage Air Compressor10.030.0300 / 500
GC-7150Two Stage Air Compressor12.5 / 15.055.0 / 60.5300 / 500